The MVSC Difference

Established in 1999, the Melbourne Veterinary Specialist Centre (MVSC) is one of  the nation's leading providers of advanced multidisciplinary medical services for animals. The centre aims to provide clients, patients, and referring veterinarians with the best integrated veterinary care available, within the one complex.


A centre of excellence 

As a centre of excellence, our specialists are committed to employing evidence-based practice to ensure animals receive medical care comparable to that of human medicine. The centre’s collaborative approach to care draws upon the extensive skills of its specialists within the areas of internal medicine, surgery, dermatology, oncology, and behavioural medicine.

The centre provides a combined medical and surgical oncology team onsite with full internal medicine support to address a range of conditions often associated with cancer. 


The best care to help pets live healthier, happier lives

Staff at MVSC understand and value the bond between clients and their pets. As such we always cater to the emotional needs of our clients, while keeping in mind the medical needs of their pets. We aspire to provide the best care to help pets live healthier, happier lives.

As referral medicine providers, we maintain a strong relationship between the client, patient, and referring veterinarian. We discuss the diagnostic and treatment options available with our client to enable them to make an informed choice regarding their pet’s treatment.

What is a veterinary specialist?

Veterinarians must meet stringent requirements relating to qualifications, experience, and training to be registered as specialists. Under both Australian legislation, only registered specialists may claim specialist status.

To have a specialist title a veterinarian will have to have:

  • Graduated from a five-year Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree
  • Practiced for four years as a veterinarian in general practice
  • Completed a three to four-year residency program in their area of specialisation
  • Passed examinations to achieve fellowship with the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists (ANZCVS)
  • Veterinary specialists must also be registered as specialists with the veterinary board in the jurisdiction in which they practice.

For more information about Specialist qualifications, visit the ANZCVS website at:

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