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Please review our frequently asked questions to learn more about our business.

Veterinary Specialists serve as an extension of general veterinary practice offering advanced knowledge and equipment to diagnose and treat your pet more effectively. In some cases, just like in human medicine, a specialist may be required to manage your pet’s problem.

As we are not a primary health provider, you will need a referral from your Veterinarian to see the Specialists at our Centre. Once your Veterinarian suggests a referral to a specialist, a referral form will be completed. Your Veterinarian will either contact us directly or ask you to contact us to make an appointment.

MVSC offers a central connection between you, your referring Veterinarian, and the other Specialists within the Centre to ensure the successful evaluation and ongoing treatment of your pet. Following your consultation, and any subsequent diagnostics or procedures, our Specialists will communicate with your referring Veterinarian to assure a smooth transition and continuity of care.

If you are concerned about your pet's diagnosis or care, please speak with your Veterinarian about a referral to a specialist.

Yes, generally all medications, bandages, and revisits are charged.

Yes, full payment for the professional service is required on the day of the appointment. 

Our fees are typical of hospitals providing specialist medical care. At your initial consultation, a diagnostic and a treatment plan will be discussed and estimates of costs will be provided. A deposit will often be requested prior to proceeding with treatment.  Full payment for the services your pet receives will be required on discharge.

We regret that personal cheques cannot be accepted – bank cheques or money orders are accepted

GEM Visa and Vetpay can provide credit in some cases; please contact our Client Services Representatives for further details regarding these payment options.

At the initial appointment, the practitioner will spend up to one hour discussing your pet’s health, medical history, signs and symptoms. Once a diagnosis/treatment plan is determined a detailed estimate of costs is presented. When you approve and sign the estimate and consent form for treatment, the procedure is co-ordinated within the day’s schedule.

MVSC policy is that a referral is needed for all cases. The reason for this is that we need to have all information on previous tests and treatments performed by your own veterinarian. Ultimately, the referral works in your favour by eliminating any duplication of tests or treatments being performed. In many cases, we also need to work in concert with your own veterinarian for ongoing management at a local level, as we do not provide general practitioner type services.

You must bring any medical records (and X-rays etc.) that have been provided by your veterinarian.

Routine desexings are not usually performed, as this is a specialist practice performing specialist type surgeries. However, desexings can be elected but are significantly more expensive when done by a specialist surgeon in a specialist surgery/hospital.

We generally recommend you do NOT feed your pet prior to an appointment. However, where food is necessary (such as when a pet is has diabetes mellitus) this should be given. Water and necessary medication can be given when advised. If uncertain, please ask at the time of the booking.

Either you or your veterinarian must contact our office to arrange an appointment.

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