At MVSC, Animal Skin and Ear Specialists, the dermatologists are dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment and management of skin diseases in all species of animals. We accept referrals for a wide range of skin related problems, including itchy skin (with or without visible disease), ear problems, nail disease and any kind of lesions or rashes on the skin, nose, mucous membranes and paws.

MVSC has four specialist veterinary dermatologists — Dr Greg Burton, Dr Rebecca Bassett, Dr David Robson, and Dr Sam Crothers. Together they have more than 50 years of experience in referral dermatology. Our dermatologists are supported by a dedicated team of dermatology nurses who have a high level of training in veterinary dermatological nursing and are very caring and experienced. They each have a passion for helping animals and strive to offer the best care for their patients.

Our dermatology service also prepares and distributes allergy vaccines. These allergy vaccines are not only prescribed to patients of the centre but also to other specialist practices around Australia.

While we usually see dogs, cats and horses, the dermatologists are also called upon by Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Zoo, or Healesville Sanctuary for specialist consultation/examination of exotic animals.


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