Consultation Information

What to expect from a typical consultation with a dermatologist

Initial consultations are expected to go for up to one hour and revisit consultations are expected to take up to 30 minutes. We endeavour to start your consultation on time, so it is important that you arrive at the clinic just before your appointment time. 

If there is a possibility that your pet may need a procedure that day, then it is best that your pet is fasted. In many cases procedures can be done on the same day, but not always. It will depend on the procedure type and the time of day.

Once the dermatologist has thoroughly examined your pet they will usually take some samples of the parts of the skin that are of concern. They will take these samples and look at them under the microscope and then explain their findings with you. By the end of the consultation you will have been given a lot of information, you will be given a full written report to take home which will cover everything discussed in the consult including the future diagnostic plan. Your referring veterinarian will also receive a copy of this report. If there are any questions or problems after you have read the letter then the dermatology nurses will be available to answer these or seek advice from our veterinary dermatologists if needed.

Our primary goal is to make a correct diagnosis as to what the cause of the problem is and treat it, rather than use medications that non-specifically treat signs. It is important to address the causes specifically and treat in order to prevent recurrences and long term issues.


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