Equipment and Technology

As a large proportion of our patients have ear problems, so being able to use the most up-to-date and accurate equipment allows us to provide the best in patient care. 

For ear diseases, we use specialised equipment such as the fibre-optic otoscope, a BAER machine (for hearing) and an MRI machine (the only private practice in Victoria to have a specialised veterinary MRI on-site). This is all highly specialised equipment, requiring great skill to use correctly. Our team of dedicated dermatologists and nurses have great success in managing difficult ear cases.

We also have a CO2 Laser; this has been used successfully to remove pre-cancerous lesions, some superficial tumours from the skin and also for certain cystic lesions in between the toes. The laser, in some cases is preferred over surgery due to it being less invasive and more practical for removing multiple small lesions.

Our dermatologists also use specialised techniques when performing skin, nose and nail biopsies. Their experience and knowledge maximise obtaining answers from a biopsy which otherwise can sometimes be a grey area. 

The dermatologists also do their own histopathology (looking at the biopsy samples under the microscope). This gives the added advantage of using the clinical signs of the patient together with the microscopic findings from the biopsy to come to an accurate diagnosis. This is a crucial step in order to best treat the patient and obtain a good outcome. The dermatologists at MVSC also receive biopsy samples from other general practitioners, providing an added service of clinical perspective in certain skin diseases.


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