Our goal at the MVSC Surgery Department is to provide the highest standard of care for surgical Patients. Importantly, we interact with Specialists in other disciplines to provide a comprehensive specialist involvement in Patient care.

We offer a personalised service where communication with the Surgeon is available from the initial consultation, immediately after the surgery, during the recovery period, and at the discharge appointment. We do not simply perform the surgery and move on. We provide consistent follow up until the surgical problem is resolved.

Clients are able to contact the Surgeon on duty after hours if the need arises and all surgical procedures are communicated to the referring Veterinarian via a telephone call, an emailed/faxed report, and a mailed report. All the Nurses in the Surgery Department are well trained, caring, and compassionate and will make your pet’s stay at the Centre as comfortable as possible for both you and your pet.

During the initial consultation your pet will be examined by one of our Specialist Surgeons and the relevant history, laboratory work, and X-rays from your referring veterinarian will be assessed. If further investigations are required, these can be mostly performed at the time of the initial appointment.

One of the Surgeons will then discuss your pet’s problem and a surgical treatment plan will be formulated. The risks, possible complications, success rates, and costs of the surgical procedures will then be discussed to ensure you are able to make a well informed decision regarding your pet’s care.

Our Specialist Surgeons are on call for emergency surgeries should the need arise with your pet.

Our goals and values

At the MVSC Surgery Department, we aim to:

  • To provide state-of-the art surgical care for all Patients.
  • To provide excellent communication with pet owners and referring Veterinarians.
  • To support the Veterinarians in Melbourne, regional Victoria, and interstate.
  • To provide excellence in all areas of surgery, including soft tissue surgery, orthopaedics, surgical oncology, neurosurgery, and emergencies.
  • To provide a multidisciplinary ‘team approach’ to all our cases as we work with internists, oncologists, dermatologists, and radiologists to provide the best available treatment for our Patients.
  • To have input from all our Surgeons regarding cases to ensure that we can make the most well informed decision for the optimum care of your pet.
  • To provide excellent post-surgical follow up for your pet including the management of any complications that may arise from the procedure. We do not just send your pet back to your regular Veterinarian; we have a duty of care to ensure we guide you through the postoperative period.

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