Your pet's visit

  • The initial consultation usually lasts one hour and may involve sedation and further radiographs (X-rays) if required.
  • In some cases more advanced imaging such as MRI or CT may be recommended and can often be performed on the same day as the visit.
  • Surgery is often performed the same day or the day following the initial consultation.
  • The possible complications, risks, and expected outcome are discussed during the consultation and you will be required to sign both a consent form and an estimate form prior to hospital admission. A deposit is required prior to all surgical procedures being performed.
  • After surgery you will be contacted by telephone and will be informed of how the surgery went and how your pet is recovering.
  • Most Patients stay the night of surgery under the supervision of our overnight nursing staff.
  • Many Patients are able to go home the day after surgery and a discharge appointment will be made with the Surgeon to discuss the postoperative care instructions. You will be provided with written discharge instructions to guide you through the post operative period.
  • Your referring Veterinarian will be contacted via telephone and a written report will be emailed or faxed. A copy will also be posted with digital photos attached for his/her records.
  • We prefer to perform our own revisit examinations. If you live a long distance from the centre, follow up examinations can be performed by your referring Veterinarian in consultation with our Surgeons.

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