Internal Medicine at MVSC

The Internal Medicine team at the Melbourne Veterinary Specialist Centre is skilled in the investigation, diagnosis and medical (non-surgical) management of most diseases affecting the internal function of your pet’s body. Both dogs and cats are fully catered by this team of caring Specialist Veterinarians and veterinary Nurses.

Our Specialists have spent many years developing knowledge and practical techniques in this extensive field. The areas of investigation vary from hormonal to gastrointestinal and from cardiac to neurological.

The extensive range of diagnostic equipment at the Centre enables us to review, diagnose and treat the most complex and challenging of medical cases. Diagnostic procedures commonly performed include radiography, ultrasonography, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), video endoscopy, and electrocardiography. Due to our extensive range of equipment, all these procedures can be performed within our clinic, usually on the same day if required. All manner of problems can be tackled and solved by using:

  • A variety of tools to produce images of internal structures.
  • An array of specific blood tests.
  • Sampling procedures to obtain tissue and fluid samples with minimally invasive techniques.

The Internal Medicine team can see Patients from Monday to Saturday at Glen Waverley and Monday to Friday at Essendon Fields. Cases can typically be seen within a few days; or, often more quickly based on urgency. We have Nurses onsite, including overnight, to provide Patients with the professional care and treatment required.

Timely communication with your referring veterinary clinic will ensure all ongoing care is co-ordinated and tailored to your pet’s needs. In addition, many Vets frequently seek advice from our Specialists regarding their cases. This means your local vet practitioner can discuss clinical problems with MVSC Specialists, which may provide further avenues for your Vet to pursue OR determine whether a referral to our Specialists would be beneficial.

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